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Unlock the power of web development and digital marketing in just 3.5 months. Transform your skills and career for the digital age.

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Our Web development Program

Learn from the Top 1% & land high paying jobs in Web Development



Complete HTML, CSS & Javascript along with frameworks like Bootstrap.



Complete PHP. Discover APIs, templating, deployment & much more.



Advanced Frontend concepts like state, event, materialUI with React.



Learn how to build a stable, reliable database - be it relational (SQL) or non-relational (MongoDB).



Throughout this journey we'll build Industry grade Projects to get a practical & hands-one experience.

open source

Open Source

Complete Git & Github Learn about the world of open source and dive into concepts relating to version control.

Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Skills!

Ignite your digital marketing skills! Unleash your potential online!


Search Engine Optimization

Teaching strategies to improve website visibility on search engines like Google through organic methods.


Search Engine Marketing

Exploring paid advertising techniques to boost website traffic and conversions via search engines.

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Instructing how to leverage social platforms for brand promotion and engagement with a target audience.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Teaching the art of creating and distributing valuable content to attract and retain customers.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Training students in planning and executing effective marketing campaigns across diverse channels.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Educating on the use of email for personalized communication and customer engagement, driving conversions.

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Web Development
Live Interactive Classes
Hands-On Projects

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Personalized Guidance
Portfolio Building
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Digital Marketing
Live Interactive Classes
Hands-On Projects
Personalized Guidance
Portfolio Building
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